Ananas Ananas at Casa Balandra

Ananas Ananas at Casa Balandra

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One of the things we are most passionate about is great food

in a magical environment. A space where you feel that time stands still

and you leave feeling completely calm and fulfilled. When we started Balandra,

we started with Sobremesa supper clubs in our small apartment in East London,

and now we’re hosting chefs and artist in Mallorca.


We´re so excited to host Ananas Ananas, an artist duo that use food as their medium. They create interactive dinner installations brining into focus the ephemeral elements of their medium and focusing on the present moment. 


¨A weaving of history and culture,

Of human connection,

Lighting a torch with visions for the future.

A toast to the memories, 

A tribute to the ones who shaped them,

We bow to the house and these walls

For feeding us in its womb as we grow. ¨- Elena Petrossian from Ananas Ananas






Casa Balandra - Cami de Can Parrisco 42, 07141, Portol, Mallorca


Wine not included in ticket sale.